The Quercia Old America / Old American Oak is produced in both Solid wood and three-layered single planks and is available in three different finishes: varnished, treated with biocompatible oil or with a naturalising wood preservative. It is available in thirty colours, ten for each finish. The surface is hand-planed, in this case using particular tools that leave very wide, soft gaps. The final effect is that of a wavy flooring with a time-worn look.



  • Total thickness: mm 15
  • Width: mm 190
  • Length: mm 900/2000
  • Type of fitting: glued/floating/nailed

The single plank is made up of three layers glued together, of which the first, i.e. the visible layer, is a sheet in Oak with a thickness of 4.00 mm, the middle layer is made up of softer woods placed at a right angle and the final under layer in Larch. The particularity of the three-layered plank lies in the possibility to be glued directly to the existing sub-flooring, or as a floating parquet. When fitting a floating floor, a fine foam underlay (generally 2-3 mm thick) is laid between the floor surface (screed) and the floorboards. This allows the slats to be simply placed on the sub-layer, which means only the joints are glued.


  • Version with mixed sizes in the same pack (Random)
  • Total thickness: mm 18
  • Width: mm 150
  • Length: mm 300/1300
  • Type of fitting: glued/nailed

  • Traditional version
  • Total thickness: mm 18
  • Width: mm 150
  • Length: mm 1200/1800
  • Type of fitting: glued/nailed

Thanks to certain details, such as varnishing the planks also on the invisible side, we have succeeded in producing large, solid wood planks with a thickness of 18 mm that can be glued to the sub-layer.
These are available in two formats. One is supplied in mixed sizes (Random) in the same box, with lengths varying between 300 mm and 1300 mm. In the other case, the boxes contain just one format per pack with lengths varying between 1200 and 1800 mm.