Conditions prior to floor laying
  • What precautions must be taken before laying flooring?
  • To maintain wooden flooring in excellent condition do the air temperature and humidity levels need to be monitored?
  • How must the screed be laid?
  • How many types of screed exist?
  • How do I recognise a well-laid screed?
Conditions for laying wooden flooring over floor heating systems in screed
  • Is it possible to lay wooden flooring over floor heating systems?
  • In this case, what is the laying procedure?
Floor laying patterns
  • What are the traditional wooden flooring patterns and what are they called?

For many years we have been distributors of revolutionary NPT highly technological adhesives and sealants which are totally environment-friendly and perfectly safe for the floor-layer and the customer.

Cushion underlay for floating hardwood flooring

The floating system is composed of click system interlocking planks that are laid over a fine cushion layer about 2 to 3 mm thick.

Our range includes seven different models to satisfy every requirement.

Floor laying instructions

Instructions for laying our wooden flooring